Men’s Ministries

At Hahira First Baptist, we think one of our best ways to grow is through fellowship.  We offer each member the chance to build real relationship and understand the incredible gift that we have been given.  Our brotherhood ministry is designed to create an atmosphere where faith can grow and friendships can flourish.  If you have ever wondered what it means to grow, or just want to find a place to share your struggles and triumphs with people who care, come and be a part of our growing ministry.

The men, youth and young boys of our church all participate in all of the brotherhood functions such as Prayer Breakfasts or service opportunities.  We welcome visitors to come fellowship and worship our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ together with the Men’s Ministry of Hahira First Baptist Church.

The other role of the Men’s Ministry at Hahira First Baptist church is to teach our young children to become mission minded and to have a Christ like attitude.

mens ministry